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2013 Zig-zag stitched bowls

The year I graduated I traveled some and returned to Richmond.  Being back in an apartment meant *sewing* and I did so with a vengeance.  Here are some lovely bowls I made in 2013.  They were created by feeding material under the presser foot in zig zag stitch, coiling as one makes a basket.  There are other objects of my creation here also, of course.  One is a very unique basket made of many materials including vegetable netting.  I used it to store garlic for some time.  Very post-modern-ape-bird.  Also pictured is some simple jewelry using string and brass.  The angular form is a folded brass ring, filled with epoxy mixed with ant-hill from the sidewalk below my window senior year at VCU.  Totally one of my favorite pieces.  All of this is for sale, i.e., needs a loving home.  Eventually I will post items, but as always, holler if you are curious.  🙂


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“Drawing Bag”

This is the bag I made this weekend to carry my essentials for going around Selby Bay Sailing Center ( fulfilling this year’s goal of drawing from life around me.  Contents are wallet-sized pieces of Canson Multimedia paper, my fountain pen with water-proof ink, some cough-drops and ginger candies, and my trusty pocket knife.



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Sun Goddesses are a common theme in my drawings.

Geometric Sun Goddess (5×7″ Ink, watercolor drawing on Strathmore cotton vellum)

Sun Goddess with Arrow Sun (5×7″ Ink, watercolor drawing on Strathmore cotton vellum)

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With controlled fractal explosions in our minds, we humans cast intention into Being, thoughts into actions (for better or worse). This is as much a magical phenomenon and alchemical process as calling it psychology and chemistry. The imagination is the crystal ball with which one can manipulate their future by controlling intention through a constant meditative process. Language is magical. It is the practice of naming things to be specific about the shape of an idea, sharable patterns of these neural explosions we call thought.

The actual shape of our physical and thus also our psychological selves defines a grammar with which we can know and act on the present moment. Using our amazing human sensory organs we can perceive the pure data of the Universe, of Nature, of us. Through a practice of non-judgmental observation it is possible to create clear intent and thus practice magic every moment of awareness of this ability, cultivated with patience and persistence. Words themselves are magical and every thought manipulates intention and thus action. It is my intention to be responsible with this creative power and to act in a manner consistent with an awareness that living beings are among the sensory organs of the Uni/Multiverse itself.



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Easter 2018

On Easter I motored out into Selby Bay, by myself for the first time and for the first time this year period.

I practiced grabbing a mooring ball and anchoring, and installed the reef lines back into the mainsail.  No, I did not sail.  Nor did I the other day when I went out with the intention to do so.  I made two mistakes on the recent outing, I grabbed a mooring ball and then I pulled up the jib before the main.  Not only do you always hoist the main before the jib, but you just don’t hoist the foresail at a mooring or at anchor.  Also, I should have rounded the the basin to get the maximum room (fetch) down wind of the channel and motored slowly into the wind (to windward), raised the main and then decide about the jib.  Arg!  Because I was so confused, I decided not to go out afterall and re-installed my compass instead.  Good lesson, but with all the difficulties I have been having getting this site up and running it was a hard learned lesson.  So still haven’t gone sailing on Kiji yet this year!  I have, however, spent much time and many calories getting the damn boat in and out of her slip due to the low tides we’ve been having.  Thank goodness for mud, but yikes!

Warm weather this way comes.  Water is still cold though.  But just look at these pictures!  What a beautiful Easter, and inaugural day on the water 2018.


This is the base of the tiller, these pictures show my sheet brass tabbed construction, inserted like a washer to take up on the clearance that had come about due to the boat’s age and the softness of the bronze fittings.